Welcome to the More-the-Merrier

Someday I'll tell you how long that name has been following me....I know it's from the early 70's.....I know--I am definitely dating myself. So, I'll admit it...yes, I'm ole'

I have been checking out ALOT of assorted Paper Crafting sites. I will admit I am HOOKED. I have been trying alot of different types of crafting. Spent a fortune along the way because I want to do and try it all.

I am very slowly finding the things I'm not good at and don't care to do. I will finish what I had started slow but sure, but I won't start those kind of projects again. Eventually, I figure, I will find a few styles that I really enjoy and stick with them. Right now I would love to get a crafting space for me set up "just the way I like it". Yes, I do ask alot, but, hopefully someday I'll have.

Will be back another time to write some more. I just wanted to get some kind of start on this for now. Good-night